How can I get my math grade up?

How can I get my math grade up?
Im in 7th grade and I am having trouble in math. My teacher put me in a group with the kids that aren’t so good at math and cheat. She doesn’t give many quizzes or tests but when she does its on the whole unit and Im just having trouble paying attention also. We have been working with cross multiplying , proportions , and percentages. Any tips or advice? Thank You !

Suggestion by giselle
Stay for toutoring after school or at lunch time go in and ask her trust she would help (:

Suggestion by Vic.G
Okay, one big problem with your teacher is that she put you with a group of kids who are not good at math… I think that is a problem because you cant really help each other that well, what I think she should do is she should pair you up with kids that are good at math so that they can help you out better… Get me? I know maybe she can help you all out in a group, but I think this other method might be more effective if you set your mind to it.
I have a couple of tips for you.
1) Math is basically just following steps. If you memorize those steps, everything will be easier. And the best way to memorize the steps, or formulas, is to practice, practice, practice over and over and over again. Do it until you know the procedure by heart.
2) Do all of your homework, classwork, project, everything. It’s the best way to practice.
3) Do not cheat, it does not help you learn, it just hurts your education.
4) Take clear notes, pay much attention.
5) Get help from your teacher after class if you can… Get help from another classmate who has the potential and is willing to help you… Make study groups.
6) On tests and quizzes, if you have the time, it only helps if you double check your answers.
These tips do not just apply to math, it applies to all of school, any class.
I promise you if you follow these tips you will become a much better student overall.

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How would you solve this to find how much the adult and children tickets cost?
The cost of admission to the Spring Carnival was $ 50 for a group of 9 children and 2 adults. The admission was $ 61 for another group of 10 children and 3 adults. What was the admission price for each adult? What was the price for each children?

This was my eighth grade sister’s math homework question.
I am a Junior in High School taking Algebra 2 and I don’t know what this is called and the “correct” way to solve it.

Suggestion by M
we know:
9c + 2a = 50
10c + 3a = 61

9c + 2a + 11 = 10c + 3a
-a + 9c + 11 = 10c
-a + 11 = c
[c = 11 - a]

9(11 – a) + 2a = 50
99 – 9a + 2a = 50
99 -7a = 50
49 = 7a
[a = 7]

c = 11 – a
c = 11 – 7
[c = 4]

Adults = $ 7.00
Children = $ 4.00

9c + 2a = 50
9(4) + 2(7) = 50
36 + 14 = 50
[50 = 50]

10c + 3a = 61
10(4) + 3(7) = 61
40 + 21 = 61
[61 = 61]


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