What is a good math tutoring website?

What is a good math tutoring website?
I’m having difficulties with my math assignments and homework.I need a website that can show me step by step how to solve my math problems.I am studying Algebra 1 right now.

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Huntington learning-western-ny.com. or–algebra website.com.

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You can try website http://www.edugain.com

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How do you find the slope if you are only given one pair of coordinate points?
So i was given a math problem for algebra and wasn’t very sure how to solve it… I know how to solve for slope and everything, but i can’t seem to figure out how to solve it when i was only given one pair of coordinate points (such as (10,-3) ) and the y-intercept (for example we can use a simple number like 2). Anyway, if anyone could just help me i would really appreciate it! Thank you! :)

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The y intercept is actually a point also, with x coordinate of 0. So make it (0,2) and proceed as normal.

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