What math comes after calculus and differential equations?

What math comes after calculus and differential equations?
I know there is basic math, Algebra I, Intermediate Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, College Algebra, Statistics, Calculus I,II,III and then differential equations. What comes after differential equations?

What are the different levels of math? There must be more math after differential equations, right?

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I think it’s multivariable calculus

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How is math involved in Civil engineering?
Im really good in math and im somewhat interested in this career. I was just wondering how much of civil engineering in involved in math and what kind of math (algebra, geometry, etc.). Im thinking more of a construction, structural or mechanical engineering. And what are the main subjects in getting a degree for it?(math, science?)
Also can anyone recommend a math related career?

Suggestion by Steve
I am a civil engineer and took 4 semesters of calculus, differential equations, and another math class in the engineering department. Almost all of engineering is based off physics. You like physics, then you will probably like engineering. I am happy. If not engineering, a lot of engineering drop outs enter into computer science. You can always be a math professor. Good luck with life.

Suggestion by Prathamesh
hey dear….
the following link can give you a brief of kind of work with civil…
so you wont have troubles thinking about what ull go thru in tht courses..
also i post a link for a few courses and subjects ull hav to do in various engg departments and careers
go thru that too it might help



Suggestion by I whip my bread back’n'furrth
I just finished my Ba in Civil Engineering and I can tell you that at uni, you will focus a lot more on calculus than algebra, although in first year all engineering students learn the basics of many fields of math weather they are relevant for civil or not.

With geometry, yes it is involved, however most likely the majority of your geometry work will be done with computer programs such as CAD or maybe even a modelling program which uses numerical methods such as finite elements.

In summary, yes there is quite a bit of math, however most of the tricky questions you will be asked in exam conditions will not be about understanding the math but about understanding the physical/engineering concepts which have mathematical relationships.

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